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Jubilee x Hate Is A Virus Water Bottle

32oz Wide Mouth Nalgene Water Bottle 


Dishwasher Safe

Leak Proof

Made in the USA

100% Proceeds from sales of this bottle will be donated to Hate Is A Virus

A movement started in 2020, Hate Is A Virus continues to amplify, educate and activate AAPI to stand for justice and equality in solidarity with other communities. Their latest initiative is the commUNITY Action Fund, an effort to raise $1 MILLION to give back to local and national community organizations providing pivotal services and programs for our communities. We teamed up with Designer and Artist Jennet Liaw and partnered with Hate is A Virus to raise to raise funds towards their work in the AAPI Community.

About Nalgene:

The beloved bottle that put Nalgene on the map, their classic 32oz Wide Mouth water bottle. Expertly crafted threads for leak-proof hydration and a wide mouth that’s perfect for ice cubes or fruit infusions. Proven in the elements and ready to withstand even the most rugged conditions. A pioneer, for pioneers.

About The Design (By Jennet Liaw):

Seek Community, Find Family. I wanted for this design to shine a hopeful light on the strength - and potentially unrealized strength - of our AAPI community. This sentiment should transcend the indignation of the current climate and remind us that, whether in protest or in stillness, we have roots and reasons behind our unity. We’re a generation connected more deeply than can be explained, our connected roots giving us common ground for connection above the surface, every new day.

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